HARLI™ - Lightpoint Medical

HARLI™ (Hand-Held RadioLuminescence Imaging) is the world’s first device for hand-held imaging of PET tracers. The technology employs direct conversion of beta particles to an optical image, overcoming the fundamental spatial resolution limit of PET imaging. Additionally, the technology can image theranostic beta-emitters not image-able by PET.


  • Direct imaging of positron emissions from PET tracers, as well as theranostic beta emitters.
  • Field of view: 2.17 x 2.17 cm
  • Intrinsic spatial resolution: 42 micron
  • Compatible with all PET imaging agents


  • Ultra high resolution imaging of PET tracers
  • Imaging beta-minus emitters
  • Translational platform for radioguided surgery


HARLI™ is for investigational use only and has not been granted CE Mark nor FDA clearance.

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