Breast cancer surgery


Intraoperative Assessment of Tumor Resection Margins in Breast-Conserving Surgery Using 18F-FDG Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging: A First-in-Human Feasibility Study

Grootendorst MR, Cariati M, Pinder SE, Kothari A, Douek M, Kovacs T, Hamed H, Pawa A, Nimmo F, Owen J, Ramalingam V, Sethi S, Mistry S, Vyas K, Tuch DS, Britten A, Van Hemelrijck M, Cook GJ, Sibley-Allen C, Allen S, Purushotham A. J Nucl Med. 2017;58(6):891-898.

Outstanding Article Award from the Editors of JNM

Prostate cancer surgery

Intra-operative margin detection using Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging during radical prostatectomy – Initial results from the PRIME study. 
Michel C, Freeman A, Jameson C, Waddington W, Tuch D, Harboe M, Cathcart, P. 35th Congress of the European Society of Surgical Oncology, Vienna, 2015.


Performance evaluation of the LightPath imaging system for intra-operative Cerenkov luminescence imaging.
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Cerenkov luminescence imaging for image-guided cancer surgery.
Grootendoorst MR, Cariati M, Kotari A, Tuch DS, Purushotham A.  Clinical and Translational Imaging. 2016; 4(5):353-366.